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Modern Perception Photo Shoot

“Modern Perception came about from this ongoing interest we have in human form and public reception. It’s inspired by Barnum and Bailey’s Circus based in the 19th century; however, we wanted to shy away from the negative representation and establish a more positive philosophy." - Abbey Abeynayake Creative Director Each model was given a character name (Uri, Nerin, Ike, Orsen, and Nápea) and interestingly enough, the first letter of their names spell out UNION. Giving each model a character name established an identity. This proved to be symbolic for both the actual motivation of the shoot and the overall cohesiveness of the team.

The Workflow

In terms of set design, a minimalistic approach was desired because we wanted our audience to sit with every element of the picture comfortably. Each character was set within a common day- to-day routine: gardening, engaging in leisure activities, and even exploring their own insecurities. Everything was calculated. Our goal was to highlight the normalcy in their setting so that they are perceived as a part of our society and not a freak on display. Therefore, wardrobe was kept to trendy modern day fashion that the public can relate to as well. We worked closely with a SFX Makeup team. For nearly six months during the preproduction process Creative Director Abbey Abeynayake sat with the artists and we developed each look. Some of these looks took three to four hours to create, but we used the time gaps between models to reflect on both set design, wardrobe, and lighting. It was magic from the moment we stepped on set until the very end. Our goal was to place these individuals in routine events where they could be perceived like any other person living on this earth. The team came together, exchanged creative dialogue, and transformed what was an idea on paper to an actual tangible piece of work that represents ADC to the fullest.
Modern Perception Modern Perception
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Modern Perception Modern Perception
The Team: Creative Director: Abbey Abeynayake Special Thanks To: Executive Assistant: Kelley Choi The HUD Art Gallery Production Manager: Julia Vazquez Rodrigo Aguilar Photographers: Abbey & Neil Abeynayake Yessica Torres Lead Electrician/Gaffer: Robert Wills Joe Medina Behind the Scenes Cinematographer: Brocton Jobin Cheryl Dondero Behind the Scenes Photographer: Cristina Watson Veronica Merrifeld Lead Hairstylist/Makeup: Amber Cillani Ricky Magana SFX Makeup Team: Laura Young & Renae Goodhew Matthew Pryatel Lead Stylist: Naghmeh Ghafourian Carmen Pedraza Highly Gifted Fashion Designer: Saul Gonzalez LAX Vans Set Designer: Mackenzie Maxwell Nancy Hernandez Chef: Nimmi Pereria MaryAnn Guiterrez Production Assistants: Gervacio Gonzalez & Sean Abeynayake Deepi DeSilva Models: Kaylee Brockcamp Uri – Christina Hernandez Ryan Borg Nápea – Naghmeh Ghafourian Bob Crouch Ike – Ashton Kaufman Orsen – Alex David Nerin – Neda Ghafourian Page Text Editor: Christina Hernandez
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Toni & Guy Photographic Competition (2013) Toni & Guy Photographic Competition (2013)
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