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The Wind.Water.Earth.Fire Photo Shoot (2WEF)

The Wind.Water.Earth.Fire Photo Shoot (2WEF) takes inspiration from the four elements of the world. We also took immense notice to how these elements are integrated within various cultures/philosophies around the world. Ancient Egyptian, Indian, Greece, and Tibetan belief systems were touched upon for each look. (Read more)

Toni & Guy (TG) Photographic Shoot

The Toni & Guy (TG) Photographic Shoot was based on the political/artistic movements in the United States. The creative decision to showcase models in this frame was made by TG educators and hairstylists: Erin Patterson, Courtney Greenday, and Nikki Bohnett. These women proposed a fashion show that depicted the Prohibition, Andy Warhol, and the Modern Day Hipster eras. (Read more)

Modern Perception Photo Shoot

Modern Perception came about from this ongoing interest we have in human form and public reception. It’s inspired by Barnum and Bailey’s Circus based in the 19th century, however, we wanted to shy away from the negative representation and establish a more positive philosophy." (Read more)

The Magic Hour

The Magic Hour is devoted to women from all walks of life joining one another on an afternoon rendezvous. The focus is recycled fashion. Each woman and/or group then takes part in some form or activity inspired by recycled craft making. From painting to sewing, every creation generates innovative ornamentations for modern day interior design. The Magic Hour captures that moment in the day when the sunlight enters your home and illuminates the memories you have collected over the years. These women harvest that special time and share it with their friends. (Read more)

The Canon Chance Project

The Canon Chance Project promotes “chance” in a multitude of intersections within our society. Meditation allows us to free our body of any attachments and also gives our mind a chance to breathe. Love can be a beautiful moment when you give yourself a chance to let go of any negativities. Though we pulled from many ‘chance’ centered notions, the main focus was the ocean. Its deterioration throughout centuries with relation to human destruction was our main application. (Read more)

Model Lineup

ADC is a proud sponsor of model headshots. We provide professional quality headshots, portrait, fashion and commercial photography aside from our own projects. Our main objective is to bring your vision to life. ADC works with every model to ensure that their portfolios are populated with professional stills for future client assignments.(Read more) Back
Model Lineup Photography
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